good-morningThese past weeks have been a lot. The election happened. We got out and voted early (not a single person in line- what?) and then tried to distract ourselves and get work done all day just to help the time pass quickly. Around 6:45 I got out of my barre class and drove home, excited. I picked up some wine and planned to pop a mini champagne when our candidate (Hillary Clinton) won. In hindsight I know it’s kind of stupid, but I hadn’t considered any other possible result.

Well, you know how that story ended. There were tears. We were speechless at first. We barely slept that night. Then, the next day we talked and talked and talked and talked. It was the most connected week Jeremy and I have had in a while because we took the next few days slowly and spent so much time together, just talking.

I appreciate everyone who found a way to voice their opinions and feelings in a mature, kindhearted way. I’ve seen a lot of hate and judgement going around. I’ve seen a lot of fighting and finger pointing, but who does this help? What purpose does it serve? For the first time in my life, I’ve seen how politics can damage family relationships and cause otherwise wonderful people to act really mean. And I’m not ok with it.

There’s nothing wrong with being sad. There’s nothing wrong with being angry. But being kind is important regardless. Even when we are sad, even when we are angry. Kindness matters.

Jeremy and I made some donations. We’re staying engaged, getting educated and looking for ways to give more. We’re staying openminded and curious. I’m not saying we’re not a little bitter, but we’re choosing to channel our passionate feelings in a positive direction. I think that’s the best we can do for the moment.

I really loved this post that Keiko wrote.

And if you’re reaching this and you are mad that I’m not on the same “team” as you, don’t be. We don’t have to agree on everything to share our human experiences. It doesn’t make us enemies. ♥

Moving on, here’s some photos from our month.

willieWillie Nelson is the cutest ever.

flower-beds pennyMy brother and Penelope came to visit. It was the best weekend.

penelope-bloomThese little faces kill me. God, I love her so much.

redLoving being a redhead and wondering why I dyed my hair black for so many years.

messLook! Sometimes my house is messy.

our-kitchenSometimes it’s clean too. (This was taken on a very SPECIAL day, I’ll explain more soon.)

happy-birthday-jWe celebrated Jeremy’s birthday a couple weeks ago with our first trip to The Catbird Seat and it was a spiritual/black magic experience. Just wow.

vintage-wallpaperThe last un-renovated surface in our home (built in 1972). I actually love this wallpaper, but I’m going in a different direction for this room. Can’t wait to share.

love-youOur awkward family photo.

thumbs-upA photo I snapped during my recovery in October. By the way, after I shared that post I received hundreds of the most kind, meaningful messages from readers. Thank you. I’ve never been so nervous of sick-to-my-stomach to share something before, and you made me believe that opening up can be so worth it.

Jeremy and I are taking a vacation with The Shelton’s this coming week. We’ve been looking forward to it for something like six months and it’s finally here! We’ll take plenty of photos, don’t worry.

Leaving you with nothing but love love love.


dolly-sukiLately I’ve been trying to use my camera more. I really want to practice and improve my photography. But the iPhone is so EASY. So a lot of my photos end up being around the house… and of the pups. These pics are from the past month… ish.

Dolly recently had a seizure and it was one of the scariest moments of Jeremy’s life (I wasn’t home) and so we’re feeling extra grateful for these two furry friends. Aside from that, Dolly and Suki know a little bit about living “your best life”. Since we both work from home now they get all the attention and all the treats at all hours of the day. Spoiled AF.



dolly-sukiFrench bulldog.

dolly-sukiHeart eyes.

dolly-sukiTheir spot. They’re really into sunbathing.

dolly-sukiThe beauty that is an old pug.

dolly-sukiSending so much love out to everyone! Love- Jeremy, Elsie, Suki and Dolly


beforeafter-back-of-the-houseWe just celebrated our Nashville move-iversary (it’s a thing) last week and we have been looking at all our before photos, reminiscing.

The back of the house view is one of my favorites when it’s lit up at night. The exterior paint was the only big project we did this summer.

beforeafter-entrywayThe entryway.

beforeafter-jeremys-studioJeremy’s studio.

beforeafter-dining-roomThe dining room.

beforeafter-master-bathroomMaster bath.


untitled-4Master bedroom.

jeremy-elsie-larsonWe closed on our house last may (2015) and these photos were mostly taken in June (2016). We are so proud of the progress we made this year. It was all the things- fun, hard, the best, the worst. All of them, truly. We’re so happy here.♥

*All of the after photos (except the first one) are from my shoot with Alyssa Rosenheck for Domino Magazine (in the Autumn issue, on stands now!)