pumpkin spice latte day

For Autumn, we didn’t have a clear song per se so we ended up choosing a Chris Merritt song because we’ve been listening to our old CM “archives” non-stop for the past few weeks. We even bribed Todd with free brunch to send us more old demos that were lost from an old computer. (thanks Todd!)

Show Me What You’re Made Of by Chris Merritt on Grooveshark
When we first started dating Jeremy played a bunch of Chris Merritt songs for me. This one and also Madison and Dance Karate and Arizona. And I loved it, but also I loved that Jeremy loved it because it proved he wasn’t a “Radiohead only” hipster. Good move, J. And now almost seven years later we’re still listening to these songs on basically every road trip.

Got sugar on call, holler if you need some. xx!