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beforeafter-back-of-the-houseWe just celebrated our Nashville move-iversary (it’s a thing) last week and we have been looking at all our before photos, reminiscing.

The back of the house view is one of my favorites when it’s lit up at night. The exterior paint was the only big project we did this summer.

beforeafter-entrywayThe entryway.

beforeafter-jeremys-studioJeremy’s studio.

beforeafter-dining-roomThe dining room.

beforeafter-master-bathroomMaster bath.


untitled-4Master bedroom.

jeremy-elsie-larsonWe closed on our house last may (2015) and these photos were mostly taken in June (2016). We are so proud of the progress we made this year. It was all the things- fun, hard, the best, the worst. All of them, truly. We’re so happy here.♥

*All of the after photos (except the first one) are from my shoot with Alyssa Rosenheck for Domino Magazine (in the Autumn issue, on stands now!)


palm-springs-dreamspalm-springs-dreamsPalm Springs has become one of our favorite getaways. We are drawn to the city because of the beautiful weather (especially in the winter), the 1960s inspiration and most of all- the slow pace of life. The slowness is so good for us. We always come away feeling connected and inspired.

Here are a few snapshots from our most recent trip.

palm-springs-dreamspalm-springs-dreamsWe always take some time to visit the Cabazon Dinosaurs. They’re my favorite roadside attraction. I can’t wait to take our children there. I think I would have really loved them as a child.

Fun fact- my favorite movie is Jurassic Park, even after all these years.

palm-springs-dreamsWe stayed at The Parker for the first time and I don’t know if we’ll ever stay anywhere else. It’s such a treat for the design side of my brain. I came home wanting to add more of it’s inspiration to our own home.

palm-springs-dreams(see those raindrops??)

palm-springs-dreamsOne of our favorite things to do in the afternoons is drive around and look at all the incredible homes. It’s honestly my version of a disneyland ride. Insert many oooooooohhhs & awwwweeees.

palm-springs-dreamsThat embroidered pillow, that velvet sofa, that breeze block wall, that tile…. all of it!

palm-springs-dreamsWe finally visited Frankinbun (twice!) and it was just as adorable as I imagined. Look closely for the hotdogs in this crazy wallpaper.

palm-springs-dreamsLove that snapshot of Jeremy having coffee on our balcony.



painting-on-the-balconyPainting on our balcony while Jeremy went out to see a cowboy movie one afternoon.


thatpinkdoorThis house is such a spectacle. And I have to be honest, it’s even better in person. That door is, like, 12 feet tall.

palm-springs-dreamGrateful for this trip. It was a great way to say goodbye to summer and when we arrived home I saw the first yellow leaves on the tree in our front yard.


moorten-botanical-gardenmoorten-botanical-gardenWhile we were in Palm Springs this past week it was randomly gray and rainy one morning (which is very WTF for Palm Springs weather). It was even sprinkling that morning. We had breakfast together then stopped by one of my favorite spots in Palm Springs, Moorten Botanical Garden, home of the biggest cacti I have ever seen.

moorten-botanical-gardenI’ve never been more in love.

This trip came at the perfect time. We celebrated our 5th anniversary in May but due to my big Domino shoot that we were preparing for we didn’t have the time or money to leave town at that time. Now, six months later, we celebrated five years of marriage with a little vacation.

moorten-botanical-gardenmoorten-botanical-gardenmoorten-botanical-gardenHaha! I just had to capture the rain drops in Palm Springs. So crazy for the desert.

moorten-botanical-gardenmoorten-botanical-gardenTo me, this is heaven.

I am inspired to start updating this site regularly. One of the things we talked about on this trip is that I need a creative outlet that’s just for fun (something that doesn’t always come easy for bloggers) and taking family photos is the perfect thing. We’ve got a really exciting year ahead of us. I’m excited to bond with my camera a bit… it’s been too long!

Thanks for reading, Elsie