moorten-botanical-gardenmoorten-botanical-gardenWhile we were in Palm Springs this past week it was randomly gray and rainy one morning (which is very WTF for Palm Springs weather). It was even sprinkling that morning. We had breakfast together then stopped by one of my favorite spots in Palm Springs, Moorten Botanical Garden, home of the biggest cacti I have ever seen.

moorten-botanical-gardenI’ve never been more in love.

This trip came at the perfect time. We celebrated our 5th anniversary in May but due to my big Domino shoot that we were preparing for we didn’t have the time or money to leave town at that time. Now, six months later, we celebrated five years of marriage with a little vacation.

moorten-botanical-gardenmoorten-botanical-gardenmoorten-botanical-gardenHaha! I just had to capture the rain drops in Palm Springs. So crazy for the desert.

moorten-botanical-gardenmoorten-botanical-gardenTo me, this is heaven.

Thank you for reading! I am inspired to start updating this site regularly. One of the things we talked about on this trip is that I need a creative outlet that’s just for fun (something that doesn’t always come easy for bloggers) and taking family photos is the perfect thing. We’ve got a really exciting year ahead of us. I’m excited to bond with my camera a bit… it’s been too long!

Thanks for reading, Elsie



This was our first trip to Joshua Tree National Park. It was incredibly beautiful. We were lucky enough to go on a rare overcast day, which made it even more special.

OMG you guys! When we first entered the park we were driving along taking in all the sights and we saw a woman posing on a big rock (maybe 12 feet up in the air?) with no shirt, no bra and a mermaid tail. haha! We were dying. We were hoping there would be lots of crazy photo shoots happening, but that was the only one for the day.

We spent about four hours exploring the park and snapping photos. In hindsight, I wish we would have packed a picnic. Next time!

At sunset we went to Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown, which we nicknamed “the most Nashville place in California”. It was real cute.

Joshua Tree, you’re weird and we like you. We’ll be back soon.  Love, Elsie + Jeremy


Time Machines

Sometime last year, around the time we were moving I think, Jeremy told me something he heard on a podcast and I’ve never stopped thinking about it.

It was someone interviewing a bunch of elderly people asking them if they had a chance to travel back in time in a time machine where they would choose to go?

He said about half of them said they wouldn’t want to travel anywhere and the other half all pretty much said the same thing. They wanted to travel back to this certain, very specific stage in life- the newlywed and having children phase.

It meant so much to me because every day since I imagine myself as a grandma being able to travel to HERE and live a day now. It’s so special, just hanging out with Jeremy and doing regular things. I don’t know the future, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re living the best days of our life right now.

I hope that wherever you are, this post helps you to appreciate today.