Gear We Use.

thelarsonhouse-camera-gearI bought my first nice lens (the 85mm listed here) almost 10 years ago and I still love and use it. Camera gear is an investment. Some of the things we use are expensive, but when I can’t think of anything else I bought 10 years ago that I am still getting a lot of use out of today. Here’s our most loved and most used gear!

  1. Canon EOS 5D Mark III We use this camera for both photos and video.
  2. 35mm Our most versatile and most used lens. If you can only afford one lens to start with, we recommend this one.
  3. 17-40mm This is what I use for all my interior photos. This wide angle lens is great for rooms and small spaces. You can see some vacation photos we shot with it here.
  4. 50mm Jeremy’s most used lens. You can see a video he shot with it here.
  5. 85mm My favorite portrait lens.
  6. Wireless Remote Helpful for family selfies and tripod photos.
  7. Fuji Instax Mini My favorite instant camera. The film is affordable. I use this for every single party we ever host.
  8. Fuji Instax Wide The big sister to the Instax mini. I think it’s worth it to have both sizes. They’re just so fun!

In addition, we take SO MANY photos on our phones these days. I haven’t touched an app besides A Color Story in over a year. My favorite filters are Light Brite (from Essentials), Pop Song (from Good Vibes) and Joy Ride (from Chroma). If you haven’t tried A Color Story, it’s a free app.♥

If you have any questions, send me a message on Instagram! xx- Elsie