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On our second wedding anniversary I realized that we had no wedding album, no photo albums, no scrapbooks and too few random memories saved online from our newlywed life. When I finally did make a scrapbook of our first year of marriage I noticed that almost every photo we had together was posed or staged. Ew.

I hadn’t realized until that moment that it was all we had to remember those years with and I wanted more.

After Jeremy created this beautiful video as a gift for his mother I started to wish our family photo books could include video too. Our photos and videos needed a space to live together. 

And that’s how The Larson House was born.

We created this space for one simple purpose, to save memories. This blog is for us (when we’re old and gray). This blog is for our families who live far away. This blog is for our future children. This blog is also for our creative health.

Thank you so much for following along! Elsie + Jeremy

*Please note, we chose not to open comments in this space because we want to protect the “for fun” aspect of this. In our minds its more of a photo album and less of a blog. Follow us on Instagram @elsielarson + @violentsmusic and say hello!

*We do not accept sponsored posts, however affiliate links are used on this site.