A sashimi date

Friday nights are usually date night for us. Sashimi is one of our rotating favorites. Last night we had a good long date night that included lots of raw fish, a new bottle of scotch and wine and, later on, an episode of Arrested Development in bed. Life is good!

This week is Emma’s wedding week so life is insane. I am so happy for her, so scared of forgetting something important and just trying to soak in the happiness in general. She and Trey are our besties and our family and there’s just something very romantic about seeing people you love be in love. It’s contagious!

A sashimi date

Just a couple selfies I sent Jeremy before date night. I know it’s dorky, but I think that sending selfies is a sign of being in love and I hope we do it forever. I never wanna stop. Go ahead and make fun… It’s cool. 😉

A sashimi date

And a photo from earlier this week when I had just arrived home from a weekend of travel. We’ve both been so incredibly busy lately that every time we get to even have coffee or a meal alone together it’s just wonderful.



Last week we visited the magical Salvation Mountain. I visited for the first time in 2008 and was lucky enough to meet the artist, Leonard King, who told us the story of how he created this place over the past twenty years. It was a magical experience and since it happened the year that Jeremy and I were first dating we vowed that we would come there together one day.

So we came. It was magical. Seeing such a gigantic work of art is something you don’t get to do every day. We climbed to the top and enjoyed every little room and nook that Leonard had so carefully crafted. It was inspiring. We drove back to our hotel that night feeling humbled and inspired by the mountain.

*Salvation Mountain in located in Niland, California. It’s about 1.5 hours from Palm Springs. If you are ever in the area, it’s worth it. 



Here are a few random snaps from our last day in Palm Springs. Iced coffees by the pool. How nice is that?


I picked up this little cutie at Trina Turk. I think it will look pretty cute on our bar cart at home.


The Palm Springer (from Workshop) was one of the best sweet cocktails I had and the description was so cute I had to snap a photo.


This asparagus salad was to die for. SO good. I will be recreating it at home soon.


On our last day in Palm Springs I got really inspired and spent most of the day writing down ideas in my journal like a crazy woman. Life is good. We had a wonderful time celebrating two years of marriage. Now we’re ready for year three!