The Late Blumer 1

We’re back at it! Making friend cocktails like crazy. This special drink is for Laura’s parents, the Blumers. It’s called The Late Blumer. (good one… i know!)

The Late Blumer 2

All you need is gin, gingerale, apricots, raspberries and basil. It’s so fresh, fruity and amazing. You should totally make this one at home!

The Late Blumer 3The Late Blumer 3

Just muddle the fruit and basil leaves, add ice then add gingerale and gin. Ta-da! Enjoy.

The Late Blumer 5

Basil cocktails have my heart this season. They’re my favorite, by a lot!

The Blumers

We love you, Ron & Sheila!!! Thanks for an amazing night and for joining in our cocktail tradition. ♥


The Gummy-Man cocktail

As soon as Jeremy and I moved into our new home, last autumn, we started a new tradition of inventing a special cocktail for each of our guests. It’s been a lot of fun! This cocktail is called The Gummy-man and it’s named after Todd and Laura Gummerman. It’s probably our favorite one yet because Todd is really (really) into gummy candy. Ever since the first time we made it, he’s been requesting it. I’m pretty sure we found his cocktail soul mate.

The Gummy-man supplies

We wanted this drink to taste like a gummy bear. It’s basically a suicide of fruity schnapps. We’ve used watermelon, peach, raspberry and apple. Most importantly, there is a cocktail stick with gummy candy. :)

The Gummy-man cocktail… a fun tradition!The Gummy-man cocktail… a fun tradition!

Ridiculous? Most definitely. Delicious? Obviously.

Nothing but the best for this set of besties! Cheers.