dolly-sukiLately I’ve been trying to use my camera more. I really want to practice and improve my photography. But the iPhone is so EASY. So a lot of my photos end up being around the house… and of the pups. These pics are from the past month… ish.

Dolly recently had a seizure and it was one of the scariest moments of Jeremy’s life (I wasn’t home) and so we’re feeling extra grateful for these two furry friends. Aside from that, Dolly and Suki know a little bit about living “your best life”. Since we both work from home now they get all the attention and all the treats at all hours of the day. Spoiled AF.



dolly-sukiFrench bulldog.

dolly-sukiHeart eyes.

dolly-sukiTheir spot. They’re really into sunbathing.

dolly-sukiThe beauty that is an old pug.

dolly-sukiSending so much love out to everyone! Love- Jeremy, Elsie, Suki and Dolly


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We did it. We moved somewhere really far away. We didn’t plan to do this. Actually we planned not to. My whole life I loved Springfield, Missouri (still do). And when Jeremy and I met he said he never wanted to move away. I was cool with that plan because I didn’t want to move either.

And then last January something changed and we decided to move. It felt rather impulsive at the time, but I know now that we were somehow preparing subconsciously for a while. It was a weirdly easy decision to make.

We’d visited Nashville maybe six our eight times when we decided to move. So it was a pretty familiar city. But most of our experiences were fun, social things. Book signings, concerts, meeting friends for brunch or coffee. We didn’t know the first thing about the neighborhoods, the schools and the different pros and cons that come with living on the different sides of town (oh, and spoiler- we’re still learning all those things, there’s a LOT to learn).

Our timeline looked a little like this…
January- Initial talk of moving.
February- Serious talk of moving. Visit to scope our neighborhoods and feel out the idea.
March- House shopping. We looked at six houses, picked our favorite and made an offer.
May- Closing day and the beginning of a long renovation process (it’s still not over).
June- Realizing we’re probably not going to be able to move in July (due to renovation delays).
July- Realizing we’re probably not going to be able to move in August (same reason).
August- Deciding we’ll move in September even if it’s basically camping.
September- Moving to Nashville, it’s basically camping. But hey, we’ve got running water in the bathtub… the perfect place to brush our teeth AND do dishes. ha!
October- Firing contractors, hiring better ones and making a lot of progress (but still no stove, no running water in the kitchen and we’re doing dishes in the bathtub). Oh yeah- and we traveled to Europe and Iceland for two weeks.
November- Happy Birthday to meeee! Finally have a working kitchen. We promptly became hermits because we were SO tired of eating out for the past few months. ha!
December- Here we are! We’re alive, we’re still married, WE LOVE OUR HOUSE and even though it’s not even close to finished yet we’re so thankful for the progress we’ve made.

I guess that’s the end! Like I said on Instagram, beautiful photos (like these) make life look perfect. That’s not fair to the picture, to the real life behind it or to the person looking at the picture. But hey, that’s life. Our year was awful. But it was also AMAZING. It was so much of both. These photos show the amazing part and I am very thankful for them.

*I maybe left out a few juicy stories. So I’ll save them for next time we’re out for cocktails. Ha! It’s just better in person. I can’t type that stuff out for the internet.

Photos by Darling Juliet Photography.



Suki says hello.


My dad and grandpa doing their thang…

Honeycomb shelvesHoneycomb shelves

I’m obsessed with these shelves. We used a kit that Josh made. There is also a tutorial here.


My mom and Penny (and Dolly) enjoying the hanging chair.


I love my piggy board.


Trying a gluten free hand pie recipe.


My dad helped us hang our bikes. Saves so much space, it’s amazing.


Lately we’ve been a 3 dog house because Emma is having major work done at her home (it’s really exciting stuff too!!)


Getting organized.


I collect vintage soda bottles. We mostly use them as flower vases.


Painting a ladder. I love this color.

Avocado paint37

My minty fridge was a gift from my husband. It’s my favorite thing in our home, I think… not counting the pups, of course!

Elsie larsonWhew! It feels good to get caught up with my 365s. It’s been more challenging than I thought. Mostly in a good way. This month I am going to try to focus on capturing more life in my home photos. I usually take them when I’m home alone so it will be a good change of pace, and creative challenge to try to get more human moments in there.



My mom is amazing. The end.